Charity Ratings

Financial Efficiency and Good Governance are as important for a charity's operations as they are for

public companies and governments. Donors want their donations to be put to good use within the

charities that they support. By rating charities on Financial Efficiency and elements of Good Governance,

donors can have more confidence in the charities they choose to support.


The ratings are based on public information from the charity's website and additional information provided by the charity during a scheduled visit by our team. The rating system we use is based on the methodology of Charity Navigator, based in in the United States of America.  Whilst our rating system is based on Charity Navigator's system, we have modified our system for local conditions.


Charities we have already rated are listed below. Overall reviews of each charity can be viewed by clicking on

the charity name and downloading the review. You can also download the detailed rating scores for Financial Efficiency and Good Governance for each charity by clicking on the stars.


Click here to see our Charity Ratings Method





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