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Providing clothing to children from Ban Kwai/Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin camps
Providing clothing to children from Ban Kwai/Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin camps
High School Scholarship Program
High School Scholarship Program

Child's Dream Foundation


Child's Dream is a large charity based in Thailand which supports the educational development of disadvantaged children who often do not have access to government schooling or adequate schooling due to their living in marginalised and undeveloped areas. Those areas are predominantly, border areas in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.   Child's Dream is addressing these issues via its three Focus Areas: Health, Basic Education and Higher Education.


Child's Dream is a fine example to other charities in terms of management, efficiency, communication with stakeholders and transparency.


Child's Dream has policies and staff which maintain core values with high standards of integrity, accountability and transparency, professional practice and provision of equal opportunities.  Child's Dream provides their Annual Report, annual Yearbook and audited financial statements on their website.  They have an administration cost (including personnel costs) ratio of revenues (6 % in 2018) including related overseas parties.


Child's Dream was established in 2003 by former private bankers, Marc Thomas Jenni and Daniel Marco Siegfried.  In 2018 they had 45 staff members and a number of volunteers for various periods to execute the projects.


A full list of their projects can be found at:


One of many Child's Dream projects
One of many Child's Dream projects
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Childs Dream Foundation Annual Report 2022
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Childs Dream Review Update 2017
CDF Review 2017.pdf
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Child's Dream Review
We visited Child's Dream to perform the review in January 2014
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Friends from NT Asset fund management company joined Child's Dream project in October 2013
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Credit Suisse Bank Supports Child's Dream
Credit Suisse - Child's Dream Foundation
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Laos - Credit Suisse supports Childs Dre
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Child's Dream Audit Report 2019 Eng.pdf
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