There are numerous charities that welcome volunteers, both local and foreign, in Thailand and the region. This gives you as an individual, or with a few friends, an opportunity to give back to the community through working with charities of your choice that match with your qualifications, life-style, and time availability. Volunteering is a personally enriching experience and an opportunity to make new friends with similar interests.


We have profiled a number of charities below who welcome volunteers.   Please contact them directly with your volunteering inquiries.    Be aware that many charities have limited numbers of volunteers that they handle at any one time.   


Click on the "Volunteer Stories" link above to read about personal some of the experiences of past volunteers.

Volunteer Positions Available

Alliance Anti Trafic


Alliance Anti Trafic is a not-for-profit organization which has been registered on March 23, 2007, the foundation mission is to protect women and children in  Southeast Asia from sexual exploitation and trafficking. Officially registered in 2007 (Thailand and France) as its own non-government organization, AAT uses a regional approach to respond to a variety of needs with initiatives and activities related towards trafficking protection, prevention, assistance, and repatriation of victims.


Quantity of Volunteer in need   3 volunteers.

Volunteer Activity Information :

-     -   To Promote (PR) the organization through various media channels such as social media, website, and activities etc.

-    -    To produce publication, content creation and other sources of media for the organization (i.e. infographic, short movies, social media     contents, etc)

-     -   To enter data and information to database.


Volunteer Qualification :

1.      willing to work for women and children through the activities of the foundation.

2.      Able to strictly follow the rules and guidelines of  Code of Ethics as a condition of their affiliation with the foundation.

3.      Having sufficient knowledgeable  and skills for the job assigned

4.      Positive-thinking and can-do attitude with ability to work as a team


Volunteer welfare and facilities.

The foundation will present Volunteer Certificate for those volunteer who work for the foundation

for the specified duration upon the duty assignment.


Duration of Volunteering and location of working :

Upon to the project and duty assignment .  The freelance basis is also available.

As for the location of volunteer working is upon to the project assigned which might be at the office in Bangkok or other locations.

Contact :

Phunyanuch Pattanotai

Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT)

P.O. Box 60 Minburi Post Office,

Bangkok 10510

e-mail : communication@allianceantitrafic.org  www.aatthai.org/







Baan Gerda

Volunteer Information

Baan Gerda is a small communities where 85 HIV infected and affected orphans live and receive medical treatment.

Baan Gerda is financed through the Children's Rights Foundation in Bangkok, Baan Gerda has long term commitment

to prepare the children for the future, and ensuring that they would obtain proper education and vocational training

which is suitable with their age. Baan Gerda is located in Lopburi province.


1. Having willingness to service and work with HIV/AIDS infected community with attention and intention.

2. Having positive attitude with flexibility, maturity and responsibility.

3. love to enhance and share new knowledge, experiences from and to other.

4. Ability on English teaching and Thai for children

5. Be able to be farmers for plantation of vegetable etc.

6. Be able to create and initiate children activity.

7. Fluent in English and Thai will be a plus.


- 2 months minimum requirement from beginning of October to the end of October 2014

   Welfare and remuneration

- Baan Gerda will provide free accommodation with 3 meals a day for volunteer

- Transportation with fixed remuneration.


Contact Information.

Children's Right Foundation                           Tel. +66 2 9828324

131, Chaeng Wattana Rd. Soi 13                   Fax. +66 2 9828393

Bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok                             Email : k.moo@baangerda.org

Thailand 10210                                                 http://www.baangerda.org/index.html

Authorized Representative : Khun Moo


Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai

Camillian Social Center Chiangrai is dedicated to ensuring that all hill tribe children throughout North Thailand – whether poor, orphaned or living with physical or learning difficulties – and their communities are given the opportunity to build a better life. At the Home of Charity, one of the Camillian Social Center Chiangrai’s eight projects, we are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic and talented volunteers. Our Home of Charity provides free on-site care, rehabilitation and education for hill tribe children with physical and learning difficulties.

Quantity of volunteer 6 volunteers at the same time

Volunteer activity information 

Volunteers help with hands-on teaching, care-giving and general management. Depending on your unique skills and expertise, your work with us can vary. For some, a typical day may be teaching classes to the children, such as math’s, art, dance, English or basic computing and helping the children during swimming or mealtimes; for others it may include teaching English lessons, assisting on field trips and providing website, translations and copy writing support; and for volunteers that are qualified, we greatly value those that can provide relevant therapy sessions and advice including physical, occupational, cognitive and speech therapy. Whatever help you can offer, you can guarantee that your day will be filled with smiles, laughter and having lots of fun with the children.

Volunteer qualification

- must be able to speak English fluency.

- Abundance with energy and enthusiasm.

- be mature and having responsibility.

- Open heart with willingness to help special needs children with passion to make a difference.


- Minimum 1 month

- Volunteer with specialist skill such as therapists, etc. are able to stay shorter time.

- Every weekend is free day for volunteer, however it is upon to work assignment as well.

- Working time begin at 8.00-9.00 am. to 7.30 pm.

Facilities and welfare

- Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai will provide accommodation, meal and transportation between Chiang Rai Airport and the Center

  or bus terminal.

- For foreign volunteers, applicants need to provide Thailand Visa, working permit (If need) and transportation to Chiang Rai by their

  own expenses.  Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai does not have such the services to facilitate foreign volunteers. 

Contact :

Mr. Jirasak Phongkasem

Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai

101 Moo 8, Thasut Sub-district,

Muang District, Chiang Rai, Thailand 57110

E-mail : camilliancei@gmail.com

Tel (066)053 787 339  or (066) 081 783 9667








Development & Education Programme for Daughters & Communities in the Greater Mekong Sub region 


Volunteer Information

DEPDC/GMS is welcome volunteers who have passion for social justice, mild-stretching, life-changing experience and ready for

cross-culture in the unique culture of Thailand. There are many projects created by the DEPDC/GMS locating on different sites in

northern Thailand,which volunteering qualification are different upon to each site requirement.

Position : International Volunteer : Location : Mekong Child Rights Protection Center, Chieng Rai, Thailand.


- Female only, minimum 21 years old with experience on living and working in Thailand

- Intermediate level on Thai language fluency or above.

- Be very flexible, self-motivated and self-reliant.

- Having experience working with children in a social work or counseling role.

- Thai literacy is a plus.


- Commitment duration is Nine months minimum, one year or longer strongly preferred.

  Welfare and remuneration

- Volunteer must fully fund her own flight (s) and visa.

- A free on-site accommodation

- Food is provided at the shelter while on the duty or live there.

- No stipend or to pay any fees.


Position : International Volunteer - Mae Chan Location : "Swimming Home" shelter for ethnic minority child and youth 

                                                                                          who are surviviors of abuse and abandonment"



- Age must be between 21-60 years old. The position work at children's shelter alone with little supervision.

- Having experience working with at-risk children in a social work or counseling role.

- Having experience living and working in Thailand with basic Thai language skills.

- Be flexible, able to work independently and adaptable to Thai culture and communication style.


- Commitment duration is six months plus one month for 30 to 40 hours of intensive Thai language lessons for 3-4 weeks prior           arrive to the site.

Welfare and remuneration

- No stipend and not to pay any fees.

- Volunteer must fund on his/her own flight (s) and visa.

- Thai language lessons if needed to develop language skills beforehand.

- Accommodation, transportation and necessities while working in Mae Chan is available.


Position : International Volunteer : Location : DEPC/GMS Coordination Center in Mae Sai, ChianRai, Thailand.


- Volunteer must fully fund their own flight (s), language lessons, accommodations, living costs, and other necessities

   while living in Mae Sai.


- Six months minimum. As for volunteers who do not have a basic command in Thai, their minimum is seven months for

   the commitment.

Welfare and remuneration

- Volunteers do not receive stipend nor required to pay any fees for a long-term placement of 6 months or longer.

Contact information

International Volunteer Coordinator                                          Email : info@depdc.org

DEPC/GMS Coordination Centre                                                          depdc.gms@gmail.com

Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai, Thailand                                     website : http://depdcblog.wordpress.com/volunteer/

Authorized Representative : Julie Measaros

 Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

 Volunteer Information

Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation locates on Samui Island, Southern Thailand which its main activities is to rescue stray, sick, injured dog

and cat living on the island. The foundation is welcome volunteers to come to work alongside with the foundation's members

to help those dogs and cats even one hour, it will be valuable for them.


- Volunteers must love animal, especially on dog and cat.

- Be able to giving love and take attention to the sick animal

- Be able to clean, feed, remove Ticks and Fleas

- The foundation is welcome to every volunteer who is hard working.


- Any time.


Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

112/35 Moo 6 Bophut

Samui Island, Surathani 84320


Welfare and Remuneration

- There is no any welfare or remuneration

- The foundation will arrange transportation on the Island.

Contact Information

Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation            Tel : +66 77 413 490

112/35 Moo 6 Bophut                          Mobile : +66 81 893 9443

Samui Island, Surathani 84320              Email : info@samuidog.org

                                                      : http://www.samuidog.org/

Authorized Representative :                 Brigitte Gomm website 




Family Care Foundation

The foundation for developing and supporting Children

Volunteer Information

The foundation previously known as CMFS, its main activities are in Chiangmai starting in 1997, the foundation has created many programs which mainly focus on education, social, and humanitarian development. The foundation members include its volunteers dedicatedly work with local communities to make a difference today, for tomorrow in the live of the poors and disadvantaged of Northern Thailand.

The foundation now open opportunity for many volunteers who would like to work with children in the field of educational activities, English Language Camp, and other related activities for children in rural area. 


- Male or female age above 20 years old. 

- Be adaptable, consistent and responsible.

- Love to work with children 

- Ability to teach on a basic level

- The foundation is looking for quality volunteering rather than quantity.


One day to 3 months.


- Chiangmai, Northern Thailand

Welfare and Remuneration

- The foundation's welfare depend on the project that volunteer being assigned

- There is no any remuneration for volunteering.

Contact Information

Family Care Foundation

The Foundation for Developing and Supporting Children                     Tel: 089-433-0053/081-764-1542

address: 303/713, moo 3 T. Changpeuak                                        Fax : 

A. Muang Chiangmai 50300                                                          Email : fdscchiangmai@gmail.com

Authorized Representative Ms. Sally Golding                                    website : http://familycare.org/network/fdsc

Fountain of Life Women Center  (Urgent needs Volunteer)


Fountain of Life Women’s Center is a center for marginalized women, exploited by the sexual tourism industry of Pattaya. Most of the women have come to Pattaya hoping to improve their economic situation and with their earnings support their families in the north and northeast of Thailand. 


Volunteer qualification :


: Women age between 20-35 years old

: Native English Speaker in any kind of nationality and education

: Ability to teach English in all level


Duration :

: 3 months - 1 year

Location : Pattaya, Cholburi



: Free accommodation

: Free breakfast and launch


Contact :

Fountain of Life Women's Center
572/1, M.5, Naklua 25, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150
Tel: +66-38-415881
Fax: +66-38-415882
As for those who are interested please download the application form from the website link below:


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Interested Volunteers.

FAQ for interested volunteer of Fountain of Life Women's Center
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for In
Adobe Acrobat Document 55.5 KB




Siam Family Services Project

Volunteer Information

Siam Family Services Project was founded in Thailand in 1996 with its aims to improving the quality of life of children, disabilities and senior persons including training of teacher and volunteers tofurther the quality of life improvement. Its activities focus on helping orphanages, rural schools, center for the physically, mentally, and economically disadvantaged. Now the project is in need of volunteers to help in teaching in rural school in order to prepare AEC joining within next year 2015



- Male or female age above 20 years

- Native English speaker is preferable, or semi-influent in English will be an advantage

- Love to work with people and children

- Knowledgeable in team working.

- Be patient and self-motivate



- 1st June to 15th August 2014

- 15th November 2014 to 15th February 2015

- Minimum requirement for being volunteer is two weeks



- Chiang Mai Province, North Thailand



- The project will provide free accommodation for volunteers

- Lunch will be provided daily.


Contact Information

Family Care Foundation                                                                   

Siam Services Project

114/125 Moo 2

Tumbol Sun Papao, Amphur Sansai

Chiang Mai, Thailand 50210              

Mobile Phone : +66 85 043 1475

Authorized person : Mr. Steve Hanson                                    website :www.familycare.org/network/siam-family-services







Grandma Cares Partnership Program

Volunteer Information

Grandma Cares Partnership Program is welcome volunteers who strive to charitably work and would like to dedicate their

valuable time sharing their skill, talent and effort to improve and educate to children an adults in a way which will

contribute positively to the Thai society, especially to those disadvantage people which involve home and school visit,

weekend educational fund field trip,swimming program, Saturday tutoring, literacy program, English camp and holiday events.


1. Having willingness to service community with attention and intention.

2. Having positive attitude with flexibility, maturity and responsibility.

3. love to enhance and share new knowledge, experiences from and to other.

4. Ability on English teaching.

5. Ability to be repairman

6. Be able to create and initiate children activity.


- July 2014 to December 2014

- January 2015 to April 2015

- Upon time availability of volunteer

- Minimum requirement for being volunteer with Grand Cares Partnership Program is 4 months

Welfare and remuneration

- There is no any welfare and remuneration for volunteering specifically. As for volunteer living in the school for teaching,

   those will be provided for free accommodation with meals.

Contact Information.

Grandma Cares Partnership Program.                         Tel. +66 53 262691

412/1 Chiang Mai-Lampang Rd.                                Fax. +66 53 240822

Nongprakarng, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000             Email : hope@grandmacares.org

                                                                      website : http://grandmacares.weebly.com/

Authorized Representative : Hope Watcharaprecha








Life Development Center

Volunteer Information

The Life Development Center has various voluntary works that require volunteering who strive to charitably work

for communities alongside with the Center. There are many various projects which require both unskilled

and skill volunteers to sacrifice their valuable time, energy and effort for completion.


Volunteer position  60 volunteers.


1. Unskilled volunteers need to be healthy and strong enough for outdoor projects within different weather condition

2. Male or female age between 18 to 35 years old.

3. Enthusiastic, love to deal with people, love to enhance new knowledge, endurance with good manners.

4. Skilled volunteers who specialize in fund raising activities or project with good communication,

    project development skill, web design skill, with good proposal and report writing skill are required

   Those volunteers who are interested must be knowledgeable on Thai tradition in a certain constant.


1. For unskilled volunteers 1 to 2 weeks

2. For skilled volunteers upon to the specialize, duration is between 6 to 12 months

Welfare and remuneration

The Life Development Center will provide accommodation, transportation, and daily meal.

Contact Information

Life Development Center                                    Tel : +6687-1915150, +6685-6202565

P.O.Box 300, Chiang Mai,                                      Email : Ldc.ngo511@gmail.com, infor@ldcl.org

Thailand 5000                                                      website : http://www.ldcl.org        

Authorized Representative : Mr. Manop Yangja  


Updated 16 Feb.2015


Gift of Happiness Foundation

Volunteer information

The Gift of Happiness Foundation was founded by a British professional circus and cabaret clown,Mr. Eddie Haworth with his main objective is to dedicate himself to give happiness to disadvantaged And abandoned children through his clown talent performance with donation in-kind to the children throughout Thailand.

Gift of Happiness Foundation provides simple, interactive and educational comedy shows to thousands of children whose lives quite often contain little joy. The Foundation also gives children and their families tons of essential goods during our aid giving projects given at least once every month of the year.

Quantity of volunteering required    6 Volunteers

Volunteer Qualification

Worldwide; Individuals, schools, offices, clubs and other groups can help to raise awareness and funding for our organization. (Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas)


Worldwide; University students looking for an Internship with the charity can apply through its website link below : 


Worldwide; Anyone visiting Thailand who wants to lend a hand by volunteering to join in the fun at some of the most unusual locations on earth. 

Bangkok; Donation sorters and packers of clothing , educational supply etc.,  at the charity shop in Bangkok. (the positions are in needs) and 

Volunteer by sponsoring a show

Duration :

-        Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis

Welfare :

Gift of Happiness foundation has operated its philanthropic activities by its dedicated volunteers who are able to self-reliance.  There are no any compensation for volunteering only warmest heartfelt thanks from the founder.

Contact information :

Mr. Eddie Haworth : Foundation's Director

30 Sukhumvit 18,. Klongteoy

Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Telephone numbers: 66830194772

Fax Number: 66023921959

Email address: edward@gohappiness.org

Website http://www.gohappiness.org/






Human Development Foundation : Mercy Centre

Volunteer Information

HDF : MERCY CENTRE is welcome volunteers who are able to make a difference. Those who are interested on

volunteers with HDF :MERCY CENTRE need to clearly understand on the rule and regulation of being

volunteers whose activities directly relate to ongoing support to children living and studying at Mercy Centre.

The volunteers activities include :

- Weekday teaching at Mercy pre-schools or at Mercy Kindergarten.

- Encouraging activities towards public relation and fund raising and sustainability for HDF-MERCY CENTRE.

- After school tutoring for children.

- Weekend lessons in dance, music, and other performance arts.

- Regular report of volunteers activities are required to submit to supervisor, this include the report of volunteer

  experience with the Centre at the end of the duration.

Quantity of Volunteer needed 15 volunteers

Volunteer Qualification :

1. Fluent in English.

2. Having at least undergraduate degree with some working experiences.

3. Being able to work under pressure.

4. Being able to work under minimum supervision.

5. Be spontaneous, flexible, and initiative.

6. Volunteers who would like to work in social work, Thai language is the must.

7. In addition to English teach the Centre also look for Arts teacher, IB subject tutor, Sport Coaches, Music

& Dance teacher and Thai high school subjects tutor.

8. Background briefing as to how and why the interest for Mercy Centre and how can volunteering benefit to

    the children & communities surrounded.


The minimum duration that the MERCY CENTRE requires from volunteers is three months (3 months) at least.

Welfare and remuneration

- For foreign volunteering, the Centre will arrange accommodation for a fee of THB500.- per Night, this include

two meals per day and please note that each foreign volunteer is solely responsible in all matters relating to obtaining

on their own THAI Visa. This include applications, extensions, renewals etc. before arrival to Bangkok, Thailand.

Contact Information.

Human Development Foundation : MERCY CENTRE                Phone: (662) 671-5313

100/11 Kae-ha Klong Toey 4,                                                 Fax: (662) 671-7028

Dhamrongratthaphiphat Rd., Klong Toey,                             E-mail: info@mercycentre.org

Bangkok 10110 Thailand.                                                    http://www.mercycentre.org/en/home/want-to-volunteer

Authorized Representative : Ms. Kristine Stenbeck                 E-mail : kristine@mercycentre.org   Updated 16 Feb.2015

Im Jai House

Im jai House is orphanage where take care orphans who lack of opportunity by giving them to learn and know the love of Jesus Christ as well as encouraging them to grow with the brighter future as their potential they have.


Im jai House is a Christian based charity located in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.


Volunteer Information.

Imjai House has many volunteer position both skill and unskilled volunteer list following :


      - English teacher

       - Art teacher

      - Handicraft, carpenter

      - Plumbing electrician

      - Building Maintenance

      - Agriculture Worker (based on skill and experiences)


Volunteer Qualification.

      -  Male of female and must be a member of a Protestant Church.

     -  Age between 25-60 and must have no any criminal record with familiarity of Thai culture.

     -  Teaching skills is essential for any volunteer positions.



 Im jai House does not provide any welfare for volunteer, especially, foreign volunteer who are interested to be volunteer of Imjai  House need to fund and provide Visa, Work Permit, meal and accommodation for their own expenses.



At least 1 year.  However, the House will evaluate volunteer performance on quarterly basis to

continue volunteer work for the next quarter.


Contact :

Ms. Angkana Tanto

Im Jai House

285 Moo 2, San phaq Waan

Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50230

Tel : 066 53 482127-9

E-mail :imjaihouse@yahoo.com     http://www.imjaihouse.com/

Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand        
Volunteer Information              

Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand is a not-for-profit organization which has been

established in June 2003, the foundation's objectives are to                                                          

 1. Promote the Information Technology  and internet usage.                                                      

 2. Being an intermediate on social and economic development by focusing on rural communities



Volunteer Position with Activities and Job Descriptions                                                

 1. English-Thai-English Translators                                                                                     

 - The volunteer will take responsibilities on translation the charity's information and updating


 - To translate charity's news, events, related articles in order to posting on the related websites.   

 - To prepare Thai-English Charity’s activities Report on regularity basis.                                   



 - Strong translation skill both Thai and English                                                                  

 - The translators volunteers are able to work at home with ability to access internet facility, or come

    to work at the foundation's office.

 - Having a strong services mind.


 2. IT Support Specialist Volunteer                                        1 position                            

 - The IT Support Specialist will handle implementation of computer network, internet and LAN


 - Have a good services mind.                                                                                                 

 - Can work in the foundation's office for at least 1-2 days per week.                                         

 - One year contract is available upon to the abilities with possibility on contract extension.              



 - There is no time duration for translator volunteers with the foundation.                                


Facilities and welfare provision                                                                              

 - Meal & beverage will be provided when join the foundation's activities or work in the office           

   with the office facilities provision.

Contact Information :

Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand

Ms.Natchawalai Suwannathat

Supakarn Building Room 3C15, 3rd floor,

Chareon Nakorn Rd., Klongtonsai, Klongsarn

Bangkok, Thailand 10600

Tel: 028603437

Posted 16 Feb.2015                        


Rain Tree Foundation :

Rain Tree Foundation is a social welfare organization based in Chiang Mai working with hill tribe people and communities with its focuses on education, children project, water with sanitation and

Communities development.


Volunteer activities

Rain Tree Foundation is seeking volunteers who are able to teach English language for children living

in remote area.


Volunteer Qualification :    

-        8 Volunteers are required.

-        Having English teaching experiences with a degree proven.

-        Able to work and live with multicultural environment.

-        Able to live in simple condition on the concept of self-sufficiency circumstances.

-        Able to be re-located to work in Mae Chaem/Mae Hong Son Province.


Facilities and Welfare :

-        Accommodation with meal will be provided while working with the project.

-        Briefing and de briefing

-        Mensual volunteer activities.

Duration :

-         At least 3 months

Contact :

Raft Oberg

Rain Tree Foundation

31 Moo 13 Tumbol Tawangtan,

Amphur Saraphi, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50140

Tel : +66 085 7161192

E-mail : info@raintree-foundation.org  www.http://www.raintree-foundation.org/   

Posted 16 Feb.2015






Volunteer Information

Sikkha Asia Foundation is welcome and encourage commited volunteers with opening

range form short-term to long-term. The foundation will arrange volunteer schedule.


1. Love to work with disadvantage children in slum

2. Ability on teaching English, Chinese, Japanese and Mathematics for children.

3. Ability on designing and developing hand crafts


- Bangkok, Volunteers in Bangkok need to take at least two hours on weekend to work with children.

- Payao Province, northern Thailand , volunteers need to work closely with children everyday in schools or

  dormitories and are expected to work and stay with the foundation for at least one - two years for teaching language

for children. 

Welfare and Remuneration 

Bangkok There is no any welfare and remuneration for volunteers who work in Bangkok

Payao province, northern Thailand accommodation, daily breakfast and dinner are

avialable with volunteering certificate to those who complete their duration assigned.

Contact Information

SIKKHA Asia Foundation                              Tel : +662-2497567, +662-2497568

100/14-20 Keha Klongtoei 4, Klongtoei,         Fax : +662-2490055

Bangkok, Thailand 11110                              Email : info@sikkha.or.th

Authorized Representative :                          Julie Mesaros website :         http://www.sikkha.or.th/

Soi Dog Foundation :
Soi Dog Foundation's missions are to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty, and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals.


Volunteer activities :

 The primary role of a volunteer at foundation’s animal shelter in Phuket, Thailand is to socialize and walk the dogs and socialize the cats and puppies.  For dogs and cats at the shelter to be adopted into homes, it is essential to teach them to trust people and to teach the dogs to walk on a lead. Almost all of the animals are former street animals who have never been indoors and need to learn to feel comfortable around people.



Volunteer Qualification :

Volunteers should preferably be 18 years old, or if over 16 years should have a written consent form from a legal guardian. Children over 12 may be allowed to volunteer if accompanied by a legal guardian at all times. Volunteers need to have a good command of either English or Thai. We particularly need volunteers who enjoy giving tours of the shelter and talking with visitors.


Facilities and welfare :

There are no volunteer facilities, so volunteers need to book their own accommodation at nearby Nai Yang or Mai Khao beaches. A volunteer guide with recommended accommodations offering discounts for Soi Dog volunteers is sent to all volunteers upon enquiry. A free pick-up and drop-off service is available between these beaches and the shelter every day. A volunteer coordinator is available to assists the volunteers during work hours at the shelter.


Duration of volunteering :

The foundation strongly encourages volunteers to spend a month or longer at shelter. When volunteers stay for at least a few weeks, they build close relationships with the animals and can see them become more bonded to people.


Contact information :

Soi Dog Foundation

Petra Osterberg

167/9 Mai Khao 10, Moo 4,

Mai Khao, Talang, Phuket

Tel :      081 788 4222   

E-mail :  volunteering@soidog-foundation.org      www.soidog.org/

Posted 16 Feb.2015










 Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT)



Is a non-profit organization which its aims to


     1.      To rescue wild animals from places where they are maltreated and/or neglected, and help them to spend the rest of their lives in a        sanctuary as close to the natural environment as possible with the best possible care

     2.      To educate people, particular children to stop cruelty to animals. In particular campaign against the illegal trade in wild animals for        the pet industry and discourage the use of animals for entertainment, for example in performing animal shows.

     3.      To prevent hunting and promote conservation.

     4.      Gather knowledge and set up and join activities.


Volunteer Activities :

Volunteers will be trained to assist in looking after animal care on two different programs details following :

-        Wildlife Program

-        Elephants Program

The activities include feeding, watering of those animals including making enrichment for them as well as other projects that need volunteer to assist with keeping the center running.  Presently, the Center has almost 300 different kinds of animal to taking care.

Most of them have been rescued from horrible conditions or have been abandoned after becoming unwanted pets.  WFFT looks after primates such as gibbons and macaques the foundation also care for a wide variety of other animals, including Asiatic Black Bears, Sun Bears, Slow Lories and  elephant named Khan Kluey, and whilst volunteering at the Wild Rescue Center (WRC), those volunteers will have the opportunity to work with all of these elephants.


Amount of Volunteer need : 51 persons.



Volunteer qualification :

-        Age must be 18 years onward.  Those whose age below 18 years need to have parent guidance closely.


-        English ability on listening, speaking and understanding on daily conversation for safety reason.

Facilities and welfare :


Please contact individually to the foundation.


Duration of Volunteer:


Minimum required is one week, there is no maximum duration limitation.

Contact :

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT)


108 moo 6, Tambon Thamairuak

Amphoe Thayang

76130 Petchaburi THAILAND TEL: (66)32-458135

Mail info@wfft.org or volunteer@wfft.org




Organisation: Agape Home


Website:  http://www.nikkisplace.org/

Position: Assistant volunteer to work with HIV affected children

Location:Chiang Mai,Thailand.

Duration : 6 months - 1 year


Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 66 (053) 351-177-8  

Email: agape@nikkisplace.org

Organisation:American Scholarship Foundation

Granting scholarships to needy Thai children for education.



Location: Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need vorunteers to get involved in granting scholarships to needy Thai children for education.

Contact: Ms.Sunali Mundkur

E-mail: scholars@awcthailand.org     



Organisation: Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women


The Emergency Home provides temporary shelter, food and physical and mental rehabilitation services for women and children. On any given day, there are about 150 women and children sheltering at the Emergency Home.

On June 21, 1987, former U.S President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter presided over the founding ceremony of the We-Train Center. Mr Carter, as chairman of the Global 2000 Foundation donated one million Baht for the construction of the Women's Clinic.

Website:  http://www.apsw-thailand.org/

Position:  Volunteers for Child care, play with children

Location: Don Muang, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration:    Everyday from 09.00 - 15.00 hrs. 

Qualification:  Volunteers who can take care babies. 

Ideally suited for: Internship or volunteers who can take care babies.


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: (662) 929-2301-07 

Email: admin@apsw-thailand.org

Or apply at Social Work of APSW on Mon. - Fri. (09.00 - 17.00 hrs.)

Updated by APSW's Officer 7/01/14


Organisation: Ayui Foundation 


Website:  http://www.ayui.org/

Position: English Volunteer Tutor, Sport & other activities Tutor

Location: Chiang Rai,Thailand.



Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 084 170 6817 

Email: ayui.foundation@gmail.com

Organisation: Baan Poomwaet


A home for boys aged 5-18 who have been rescued from the sex trade. They stay 3 to 12 months then go back to their family or to a different home.



Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to teach or just speak English and play sports with the boys.





Organisation:Baan Rachawadee for Girls



Rehabilitation home for mentally and physically handicapped girls ages 7 to 18.

Website:  http://www.rachawadeeying.com

Position: Volunteers care for children with disabilities redundant Who can not help themselves

Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Duration:  Mon. - Fri. 08.30 - 16.00 hrs.

Qualification:  Volunteers can care for children with disabilities redundant unconditionally.

Ideally suited for:

We need the internship or individuals interested in volunteering. Who are the sympathy and assistance with various activities, such as entering a dietary supplement to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers with children.

Contact: Ms.Liz Sinker            Email: admin@apsw-thailand.org     or  

             Ms.Dorothy Klynstra   Email: dorothyk67@hotmail.com  Tel: (085) 320-4523


Or send the letter  to:  Baan Rachawadee for Girls

                                The Home Director

                                No.78/15 Moo 1, T.Bangtalad

                                A.Pakkred, Nonthaburi Province 11120 

  Tel. 0-2583-6731, 0-2583-4246 

  Updated by Khun Tipparat 6/01/14


Organisation: Camillian Home for Children Living with Disabilities                  

Camillian Home provides food, education, care, and therapy for over 70 children living

with disabilities and serious illness.

Website:  http://www.camillianhomelatkrabang.com

Position: Volunteer for Child Care, Children's Activities, or Helping with Administration

and Public Relations

Location: Latkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: For live-in volunteers 5 days/week, 8 hrs/day 3 months minimum (Exceptions for

volunteers with special skills such as physical or occupational therapy or experience with

disabled children) Bangkok-based volunteers may come according to availability, but must

be regular ideally suited for : internship or volunteers who can take care babies, or help

with Administration.


Contact: 02-360-785, 085-280-1402 (Kannika)

Email : camillianhome@gmail.com

Or apply online at www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org

Updated by Yvonne Liang on 24/03/14

Organisation: Central Welfare and Vocational Training Center for Women 



Provides vocational training for disadvantaged poor women who are unable to support themselves.



Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers who can teach English and other vocational skills.





Organisation: Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD)


Rainbow House is now up to 40 children, ranging in age from 2 to 21 years old.

Website:  ccdbkk@ccdthailand.org

Position:  CCD is always interested in having professionally qualified therapists, medical staff and others, either living in Bangkok or from overseas, who are willing to donate their time and experience.

Location: Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand



Ideally suited for: CCD accepts both professional and non-professional volunteers.  Minimum age requirement is 18. Person should be in good health, willing to adapt to a different culture and self-motivated. Professionals will have the opportunity to work alongside Thai professionals (eg physical therapists, etc) to help disabled orphans in Thailand.


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: +66 (0) 2 854 6966 

Email: volunteer@ccdthailand.org


Organisation: Christian Foundation for The Blind

                                 Under The Royal Patronage of H.M. The King


Providing education for the blind with centers in several provinces.

 Website:  http://www.cfbt.or.th

Position: Assist with blind and multiple handicapped children.

Location: Lad Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand



Ideally suited for: Patient and caring persons.


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:    (02) 510-4895

Email:   cfbtbkk@ksc.th.com


Organisation:Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation - Thailand



Website:  http://www.concordiathailand.org/

Position: Teacher of English and mathematics for students M1 - M6 and teaching career.

Location: Chiangmai, Thailand

Duration : -

Qualification:  Speak English fluently or have knowledge of the teach vocational skills.

Ideally suited for: Student internship and interested people.

Contact:  Khun Orathai

02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Email: cweftthailand@gmail.com

Updated by Khun Orathai Thaweesin 8/01/2014 



Organisation: Dragonfly Volunteer Projects


Website:  http://www.thai-dragonfly.com/

Position: English teacher, Work with Wildlife, Care for Children

Location: Dragonfly Volunteer Projects is a program of the Dragonfly Community Foundation of Thailand.

Duration :You can choose to stay for a short or long term – some volunteers even work for a full year!

Qualification:  None

Ideally suited for:


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102


Email: dan@thai-dragonfly.com


Organisation: Duang Prateep Foundation


To educate and improve the lives of children. Parents and Khlong Toei slum nearby.


Website:  www.dpf.or.th 

Position:   Volunteer translators for foreigners to adopt children, fed children, assistant interpreter, PR

Location:  Bangkok

Period: -

Qualification:  -

Ideally suited for: -

Contact:       -

02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 02-249-4880, 02-671-4045-8

Email: dpffound@ksc.th.com



Organisation: Goodwill Group Foundation


Website:  http://www.goodwillbangkok.org/

Position: English language teacher

Location: Bang Na, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration :

Qualification:  English Speakers

Ideally suited for:

We're always looking for motivated individuals who want to become part of our English teaching team. Generally, we try to place native English speakers into our intermediate conversation classes while Thai speakers are asked to teach our basic conversation classes. Prior experience teaching English is preferred, but not required. Teaching a class usually requires a six-month commitment of three hours a week.


Position: Computer teacher

Location: Bang Na, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration : 2-3 hours/week for 6 weeks.

Qualification: Basic computer nomenclature, email, the internet and Microsoft desktop skills.

Ideally suited for:

We need Thai-speaking female volunteers to teach our students about basic computer nomenclature, email, the internet and Microsoft desktop applications. Prior teaching experience is not required, but strong communications skills are very important.


Contact: goodwill@goodwillbangkok.org

Phone: (02)650-8494 (02) 115-5723


Organisation: Imjai House


Website:  http://www.imjaihouse.com

Position: Volunteer opportunities, temporary and long-term, are available for anyone interested in donating their skills in teaching English, arts, baking, computer or music and vocational training.

Location: Chinag Mai ,Thailand.



Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:   +6653482127-9

Email:  imjaihouse@yahoo.com

Organisation: International Coordination Center for Volunteer Teachers, Thailand


The ICCVTT was established in January 2013 with the aim of improving the English skills of students in rural Thailand who lack contact with native English speaker.

Website:  http://freevolunteerthailand.org/

Position: English Language Teacher

Location: Watputthisan School, Sakeao Province, Thailand

Duration : Teaching English to students from the cultural exchange ( Kindergarten through Secondary school , children age 3 to 15 years) as well as school teachers and education personnel. Volunteer will teach for 3-4 hours a day equivalent to about 15-20 hours a week. Saturdays and Sundays are free for volunteers.

Qualification:  Fluent English Speakers

Ideally suited for:

Applicant requirement

We prefer volunteers to commit to 3-4 weeks at least

  1. Aged between 22 -60 years.

  2. Strong proficiency in English. If not a native English speaker, then a diploma, certificate or letter of recommendation from          employer or teacher to support level of English ability, must be provided.

Accommodation etc:

 Volunteers will receive benefits in the following job functions:

  1. Free accommodations.

  2. Free breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday - Friday

  3. Transportation to work.

  4. A certificate is awarded at the end of the volunteer session.


 Jason Nontakan (Founder and Thai teacher)     

 02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

 Tel: 089-245-3776

Email: nontakan072@hotmail.com  


Organisation: International Support Group Foundation


Website:  http://www.isgfthailand.org/be-a-volunteer

Position: Assistant Co-ordinator

Location: Bangkok,Thailand.


Qualification:  any of our projects – be it playing with children at the dental clinic, interviewing potential students for sponsorship or maybe you just have a few hours to spare each month to help with administration tasks – we would really like to hear from you.

Ideally suited for:


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 66 (2) 258-5332

Email: isgf_education@yahoo.com

Organisation: Isara Foundation


Isara Foundation  with a focus in education, environmental awareness, and personal safety. Isara volunteers help create and implement our own projects in the local community, which are funded solely through our generous sponsors and supporters.

Website:  http://www.isara.org/

PositionEnglish Language Teacher

Location: Nong Khai, Thailand

Duration:  Mon-Fri: 4pm-7pm

Qualification:  Fluent English Speakers

Ideally suited for:

We are currently looking for native/fluent English speakers to teach children and adults. Isara also teaches at nearby government schools in the mornings and afternoons. If you are interested in helping outside of Nong Khai, we provide volunteer English teachers to government schools around Thailand, where you will also be provided free accommodation.


Position: Handyman worker

Ideally suited for:

We also could use help developing our Learning Center and Recycling Center by making repairs, painting, and landscaping.


Accommodation: Volunteers can stay for free at the Isara Learning Center (ILC) in Nong Khai,



Because of the overwhelming interest in Isara's free volunteer program, all volunteer positions have been filled for 2013.


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 042-460-827


Organisation: Lad Yao Prison


Women's Correctional Center

Website: http://www.phaseloop.com/foreignprisoners/l-bangkhen.html


Location: Bang Khen, Bangkok 10900

Duration :


Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to visit and encourage foreign inmates.


Organisation: Life Development Center


Website:  http://www.ldcl.org/Charity%20template%20Projects.html

Position: Assistance Co-ordinator

Location: Meakon village Chiangdao, near Chiang Mai,Thailand.

Duration :

Qualification:  None

Ideally suited for:


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102


Email: infor@ldcl.org

Organisation:Meechai Pattana School


Website:  http://mechaifoundation.org/school.asp


Location: Buriram Province, North-east part of Thailand


Qualification:  English or Thai Speakers

Ideally suited for:


Intern coordinator for Population & Community Development Association (PDA)

Mr. Gavin Kuangparichat

02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102


Email: gavink.pda@gmail.com

Organisation: NightLight Foundation


NightLight Foundation, the non-profit branch focusing on holistic intervention for women, families and communities affected by the global sex industry.

 Website:  http://nightlightinternational.com/bangkok/

Position:  NightLight Bangkok only offers internships through the Impact School of Missions.  ISM is a hands on, practical 4 week missions training school which will equip its participants to serve with excellence at NightLight.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand



Ideally suited for:visit www.ismsea.com for more information


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102


Email:   infoism@impactasia.ca.


Organisation: Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute


Offers shelter, food, medication and training to homeless adults.

Website: http://homelessnon.com/


Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to visit homeless residents, serve food donated by NNR.

Contact: Ms.Liz Lu    

E-mail: lizsiam@gmail.com



Organisation: Nor Giank Baby Home


Website:  http://www.scottmurray.com/norgiank.htm


Location: Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand



Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:    (662) 258-5252

Email:   norgiank@inet.co.th


Organisation: Operation Smile Foundation (Thailand)


 Website:  http://www.operationsmile.or.th/help/volunteer/

Position: Medical Volunteers and Non Medical Volunteers (click website the link for more information)

Location: Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand



Ideally suited for:  "Contact Operation Smile Thailand for more information on how to volunteer"


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:   + (66) 2656 1992

Email:   info@operationsmile.or.th

Organisation: Opportunity Foundation


Opportunity Foundation was formed and registered in Thailand in 2007 to care for abandoned and abused children. Facilities and staff of the foundation are located in Nang Rong City, in Buriram province.

Website:  http://www.opportunityfoundation.org/involved/volunteer.html

Position: Depending on their skills, volunteers can have a variety of tasks such as infant care, tree planting, fish pond building and other landscape jobs. If you have training or experience in child or youth related social work, psychology, child development, infant care, or have experience in some other aspect of child care, from simply having been a parent to a university degree, we’d like to talk with you.

Location: Buri Ram ,Thailand.



Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:   +66 (0) 4462 2690,

Email:   village@opportunityfoundation.org

Organisation: Pakkret Babies Home


A home for orphaned or abandoned babies up to age six.

Website: www.pakkredbabies.com/‎

Position: Volunteer for child care, play with Baby, touch massage

Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Duration: Select only 1 day of the following

Work every Tuesdat during 13.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Work every Thursday during 13.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Work every Saturday during 13.00 - 16.00 hrs. 

Qualification: Internship or volunteers who can care for children with disabilities redundant unconditionally.

Qualification: Volunteers who can take care babies.

Ideally suited for:

Internship or volunteers who can care for and play with the babies toddlers.


      Khun Narisara -Thai Holistic Health Foundation

      (volunteers training place prior sending to Baan Pakkret Babies Home) 

            Tel: 02 589 4243, 02 591 8092 

            updated by Pakkret Babies Home 7/01/14



Organisation: Rain Tree Foundation


Website:  http://www.raintree-foundation.org/index.php?id=239

Position:  sewing instructor to teach women groups and students

Location: out from Chiang Mai, Northern partThailand.

Duration: minimum 1 - 3 months 

Qualification:  English Speaking, over 20 years old.

Ideally suited for:

Fee 3 months- 450€


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: (+66) 085 716 1192

Email: info@raintree-foundation.org


Organisation:Rainbow House - See
Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD)

Run by Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities, this is a care home for children with disabilities. It also has a day care center and encourages evelopment of physical, mental, emotional and social skills. 

Website:  http://www.ccdthailand.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=13&Itemid=27


Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Duration :


Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to play with children.

Contact: Ms.Lauren Avery    

E-mail: development@ccdthailand.org 



Organisation: Sang Tawan Children's Home


A home for abandoned children aged 10-14 years old.



Location: Phaholyothin

Duration :


Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to teach a musical instrument, as well as converstional English. The housemother will bring the children to volunteer's home on as Saturday.

Contact: Ms.Tiffany Herbard     E-mail: tiffanyhebard@gmail.com     or

              Ms.Susan Curtis        E-mail: escecurtis@gmail.com   Tel: 080 043 2735


Organisation: Sarnelli House


Sarnelli House is made up of 6 homes for children in three different hamlets in the Nongkhai province of Northeast Thailand.

Website:  http://www.sarnelliorphanage.org/visiting

Position: Volunteers are accepted for work at Sarnelli House only. Since the children infected with HIV/AIDS are now taking the Anti-Retro Viral (ARV) drugs, they are healthy enough to go to school.

Location: Nong Khai, Thailand

Duration: March 15 – May 1 October 1 – October 21. Once school opens, volunteers are not needed.


Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:    (+66) (0) 88 - 586 - 5547

Email:   kintrona@gmail.com

Organisation: Sparrow Home


A home for children of prisoners.

Website:  http://sparrow-home-bangkok.com/


Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to play with and interact with the children




Organisation: The Chaiyapruk Foundation


 occupies a three-House complex in Nakorn Nayok, providing a permanent home for abandoned children.

Website:  http://www.chaiyaprukchildrenhome.com/

Position: Volunteers will be seen as general helpers, assisting the supervisors in all needs, such as caring and teaching of the children, helping with house working and gardening and most importantly taking care their English education.

Location: Nakon Nayok,Thailand.


Qualification:  Patient, considerate, respectful and tolerant.

Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: +66 (0)2 328-0272

Email: montri20@hotmail.com

Organisation: The Education for Development Foundation (EDF)


Website: http://www.edfthai.org/en/?page=how_you_can_help&id=51



Translators  Copy Writers PR Volunteers 

Location: Bangkok ,Thailand.

Duration :

Qualification:  Thai reading and writing with English or Japanese language skills

Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: (02)579 9209 to 11

Email: public@edfthai.org

Updated by Khun Siwatchaya 8/01/14


Organisation: Thai-Lahu Foundation


Website:  http://www.thailahu.com/en/getinvolved.html

Position:    Volunteer  to assist HIV infected Hill Tribes:
                 Fundraising volunteer
                 English language teaching volunteer
                 Environmental volunteer

Location: out from Chiang Mai,Thailand.




02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: +66-53-867-400

Email: info@lahuhealthproject.com

Organisation: The Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled Persons


Website:  http://www.assistdisabled.org/

Position: At this time we are only looking for volunteers with the following professional skills;
             Welding or metal fabrication Physical  or occupational therapists Thai to English Translators and Qualified


Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Duration: minimum commitment of 3 months

Qualification:  Welding or metal fabrication Physical  or occupational therapists Thai to English Translators and Qualified medical nurses

Ideally suited for: 


02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel:   English: 086 1855852     Thai: 085 7088711

Email:   use the form on their website


Organisation: The Human Development Foundation


We work to help the children and communities of the many slums of Bangkok.


Website:  http://www.mercycentre.org/en/home/want-to-volunteer

Position: English Language Teacher

Location: Khlong Toey slum, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration :

Qualification:  Fluent English Speakers

Ideally suited for:

We ask that our volunteers make a minimum commitment of one month.

Volunteer accommodation is available. We ask for a 500baht/night fee, which will be used in the support of our Mercy Centre.

Please download and complete the volunteer application and mail to the attention of our volunteer coordinator.



Volunteer Co-ordinator: Ms. Kanyaphat

02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102
02-393-7909 and 02-9828977- 8 Ext: 102

Tel: 02 671-5313

Email: kanyaphat@mercycentre.org.

Organisation: White Elephant thrift store


A second-hand store that donates all of its profits to charities.



Location: Samakke Road, Nonthaburi, Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to help in the store. Needs donations of clothing and household items.

Contact: Ms.Jenn Bradley  

E-mail: jennbradley5@gmail.com     

Tel: 084 540 3299


Organisation:  Young Women's Christian Association 

Cares for preschoolers from low-income families while promoting their development. 

Website:  http://www.ywcathailand.net/index.php?lay=show&ac=article&Id=489093


Location: Nonthaburi,  Thailand



Ideally suited for:

We need volunteers to teach English and help care for the kids. For Christmas, need help with songs for Christmas party.

Contact: Khun Saisom Komalasevin

Tel: 080 770 9335