Pratthanadee Foundation "Goodwill Group Foundation"

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Pratthanadee Foundation formerly "Goodwill Group Foundation"


Pratthanadee is an award-winning Thai and US charity, established in 2000 to provide free training for women and girls in Thailand.  With a small team of local staff, an international board and a group of dedicated volunteers, we provide training, mentoring and careers guidance to over 3,000 under-educated and economically underprivileged women and girls in central Bangkok and rural Ubon Ratchathani each year.  We believe in empowerment, not dependence.  Our aim is to build the confidence and potential of young women from poor regions across Thailand to help them build safe and successful lives.


The Foundation launched its unique core training program ‘Better Me’ in 2016. ‘Better Me’ course comprises a series of weekly workshops, accompanied by 1-on-1 mentoring and English language classes, to help women turn their lives around and achieve their goals. Training workshops for girls are offered in partnership with local schools and include ‘Preparing for Success’, a career planning workshop, and ‘Claim your Rights’, a personal safety workshop.


Pratthanadee Foundation has a small staff team and group of dedicated volunteers. A welcoming community is created, where women feel supported and valued as they take the first step to a brighter future. 


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Pratthanadee Foundation Review 2021
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Pratthanadee Foundation Annual Report 2021
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