About Us

Why Did we Start Giving Back Association in Thailand?

As regular supporters of charities, both individually and through the companies that we work for, we could see that there is a lack of independent information on the charities.

We had many questions, and we could see that there are many individuals and companies that are willing to support charities, with similar questions, such as:


Where are the charities in our area?

Which charities perform what services?

How do they provide those services?

Does the charity's website (if it has one) reflect the services that it actually provides?

Which charities are most in need of funding and how urgent is that need?

Who are the managers of each charity?

Can we trust them?

How do they raise funds?

Who else supports them?

How do they spend those funds?

Do they spend the funds in an efficient manner?

How much of the funds goes to marketing and administration and how much to covering the operations costs?

Do they keep proper accounting records?

Do the financial figures make sense when compared with the charity work performed?

Do they accept volunteers? and if so, what qualifications do they require of volunteers?

When do they want volunteers?

How do they support volunteers?   Accommodation?  Transport?   Supervision?

What projects can we help them with?



Charity Reviews

To find out the above information we have small volunteer teams of professionals who give their time to do reviews of the charities.    We visit the charities, see their operations, meet the management and review their financial information.   We then write a review which is verified for factual accuracy by the charity management and post the review on our website for your information.   We hope you will find the reviews useful.   We do not accept payment to do the reviews.



Other Useful Information

We also provide other useful information about the charities.

We list each charity, provide contact information, website links and a short introduction for each charity.

We show each charity's location on a map.  You can click on the location icon for more information about the charity. 

We provide a news page with information on the current events or projects of the charities.

We provide a volunteering database listing volunteer positions available at the charities.

Finally, we provide a guest book for your comments.



Volunteers Wanted!

We perform the charity reviews on a voluntary basis.  We set up small review teams of people who go to visit each charity to gather the information to write the reviews.    Our volunteer managers train the volunteers on the review preparation and edit the reviews.



We need volunteers to help with the reviews and website maintenance. If you would like to help please send an email to our administrator at givingbackassoc@gmail.com