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Thai Family Link Association and

Family Link for Recovery Foundation


Thai Family Link's role is to enhance the capacity and performance of the mentally ill.     They support education, development and knowledge of psychiatric rehabilitation of the mentally ill, for the patients, their families and their local communities.


They have also adopted mental health programs from abroad.  Translated mental health programs into Thai language and adapted them for use in Thai communities.


Funds have been historically mainly provided by:
1.1 Johnson & Johnson; 2003 - 2012
1.2 Janssen-Cilag ; 2003 - 2012
1.3 Astra Zeneca ; 2007 until now


Johnson & Johnson and Janssen-Cilag provided the majority of the funds under a 10 year program which has now expired.   As such Thai Family Link is severely short of funds to continue its work and now is in need of new sources of funding.


Thai Family Link Association received the National Award Year 2013


October 21, 2013 - Thai Family Link Association received the National Award Year 2013 for an organization with outstanding social activities in National day of Social Welfare and Thai Volunteer ceremony event held by Ministry of Social Development and Human Security at Impac National Exhibition Center, Muang Thong Thani. The award was presented by the Prime Minister.

Friends for Mental Health Care Magazine

The magazine for those with psychiatric disorders, and individuals with an interest in mental health and psychiatry. This year is the 13th years operating under the purpose of the magazine are as follows.


1. To disseminate knowledge about mental health and psychiatry.

2. To intermediate the exchange of experiences with mental health problems.

3. To strengthen and support the potential mental health problems.

4. To advocate on behalf of those with psychiatric disorders.


The stories and experiences of patients and their relatives were transcribed and compiled into an article educating academic, legal, and professional treatment from psychiatrists, mental health professionals and activists from abroad.


The cover image, which is drawn by mental health patients every books. There are many readers getting both knowledge and encouragement to fight on when the reader is encouraged to fight so the authors will be encouraged to fight as well.


Now, the magazine is experiencing problems in budget support printing. The editors, all members and readers are expected to be supported by the generosity of "giving" and "sharing" The team of mental health magazine for those with psychiatric disorders continues acting in society.


Family Link Association and Family Link for Recovery Foundation updated review 2013
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Thai Family Link Review
We visited Thai Family Link Association to perform the review in October 2013
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