Charities working in Laos

These  charities have charitable projects in Laos.   They may be based in Laos or based in Thailand or other countries but have charitable projects in Laos also.

The Asia Foundation


The Asian Foundation opened its first office in Vientienes, Laos in 1958 with initiated programs in order to support its project that strengthen the country's legal capacity with provide acess to justice for all Laos citizens,  to promote and protect women's right with expanding access to information together with fostering constructive international engagement and helping Laos communities to safeguard environmental resources.


Contact :


Headquarter                                                     Lao PDR

465 California Street                                          23 Singha Road

San Francisco, CA 94104 USA                              House No.069, Unit 4

Tel : (415)982 4640                                           Phonxay Villege, Xeysettha District

Fax : (415)392 8863                                          Vientien, Lao PDR

E-mail :                                 Tel : 856(21)454 300 to 304

                                                                      Fax : 856 (21)454 305


Community Learning International


Community Learning International is deeply committed to reducing the consequences of poverty in Laos. Its aim is to provide development aid by offering village based projects that positively impact education, water and income generation, while preserving and respecting the rich culture and traditions of the Lao people.


P.O. Box 7768

Telephone: (020) 5551-0575

218 N. Alfred St.
VA 22314



GreenHeart Foundation


The GreenHeart Foundation is dedicated to Lao cultural preservation through the promotion of Lao textile arts. It is our goal to economically and socially benefit Lao rural mountain artisans and thereby contribute to the wider community


Contact :!contact/c21dx


Lao Rehabilitation Foundation (LRF) 


The main purpose of Lao Rehabilitation Foundation is to provide medical services to Laotien people with greater focus on children and the poor.


The foundation is incorporated and headquatered in California, USA, Lao Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. is not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization, it is recognized as a State and Federal tax publicly supported 501(C)(3) charitable organization, employer ID. number 43-1967300.


LRF is officially registred as non governmental organization (NGO) in both Laos and USA.




USA                                                                       Laos

Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.                  Lao Rhabilitation Foundation

C/O Dr. Luc Janssens                                   Don koy Villege, Sisattanak District,

86 El Nido Dr.                                             Unit 08- House no.802/12

Napa, CA 94559 USA                                   Vientien Capital, Lao PDR


Tel : 707-265-6555                                     Tel : (856) 20 54455 944

Fax : 707-265 -6566

E-mail :


Laos Educational Oportunities Trust


Laos Educational Oportunities Trust (LEOT) is a U.K. Charity registered No.1115944 with being monitored by the U.K. Charity Commission  


LEOT aims to raise fund to provide disadvantaged young Laos people with educational oportunities.  The fund raised are used to pay for secondary, high school or university

education and cover school fees, books, school meals and uniform.


LEOT has set its new goal in buidling new dormitory next to its school in order to provide

a facility for disadvantage people from the country side to study at LEOT and other school in Luang Prabang.


LEOT has been awarded INGO status BY The Laos authorities.



contact : Mr. Peter Banwell

E-mail   :

Education for Development Foundation Japan

Minsai Center  


MinsaiCenter is a Tokyo-based international not-for-profit and non-governmental organization, its aims to provides educational scholarship to children in Laos and Thailand in order to educational help children in poverty founded by

Mr. Terumasu Akio in 1987.  The Minsai Center also provides support the development of rural community, helping disabled people to access educational opportunity and other activities related to educational support.



Contact :·       E-mail :

·                                 Tel : 03-6457-5782



The Social and Economic Developers Association (SIDA) was created to bring sustainable economic and social change to the disadvantaged people of Laos.


It is a not-for-profit, non-government, Laos-based organization, dedicated to improving education and health, and providing economic opportunities for a long-term solution to poverty and a brighter future for the Lao PDR.


Contact :    SEDA-Laos

                   PO Box T469

                   Xaysetha District

                   Vientiane, Lao PDR


Telephone : +856 21 314 338

E-mail :



SOS Children's Villages


SOS Children's Villages is a large U.K.based charity which has its charitable activities in 133 countries and territories under one SOS Children Villages International.


SOS Childrens Villages has started working in Laos PDR since 1993 which the main purpose to  provides day-care, primary and secondary education, vocational training and counselling to children, young people and families. The support varies according to the needs of the local population.



Contact :

SOS Children's Village of Laos
POB 3503, Ban Sivilay, Muang Xayth.
Hom 02, Km 6, Kaysone Phomvihane Rd
tel. +856-21-710544

fax +856-21-710163


Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives Inc.


Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives Inc. is a Canadian registered non-profit

organization that fundraises and runs environmental education projects in remote

rural areas in Lao PDR.  It accepts poor, eager youth, who want to develop themselves and their communities in socially and environmentally sustainable ways, to come and board with us for 1-year, learning programs.  It also has short,


intensive workshops on issues relevant to the community.


Contact :

Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives Inc.

1510 Larchview Trail Mississauaga,

ON L5E 2S1. Canada

Travel to Teach (T2T)


Travel to Teach founded by volunteers in 2002 in Nong Kai Province, Thailand.  T2T is a not-for-profit organization that links volunteers from all over the world with grassroot projects in the developing country.


T2T has expanded its teaching English and computer studies into other areas art, sport, restoration, wildlife for example.  The organization's ambition is to help education in developing and third world countries and bring people together to enhance multi cultural understanding.


contact : Asian Program Manager

              Travel to Teach

              77/4 Chaitalay Road

              Prachuap Khiri Khun,

              Thailand 77000


Tel       :  66 9 2818 5929




United Nation Development Program (UNDP-Laos)



UNDP focus is on helping Lao PDR build and share solutions to the major challenges following ;
To help the Government ensure that all people benefit from economic growth in Lao PDR, UNDP offers strategic support towards poverty reduction and achievement of the MDGs. UNDP is committed to supporting Government-led initiatives to ensure more efficient, accountable and transparent policies and practices to protect the rights of citizens, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. UNDP is supporting sustainable use of the country's natural resources and bringing the environmental issues that affect poor people into the mainstream of development processes and decisions. UNDP is assisting the Government in the development of strategic disaster management planning.


Contact :

United Nations Development Programme
Lane Xang Avenue
P.O. Box 345
Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: +856 (0) 21 267 777
Fax: +856 (0) 21 267 799


The United Nations Population Fund


UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is an international development agency working to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled.

In Lao PDR, UNFPA is active since 1976 and works with the Government and international non-governmental organizations to support programmes that help women, men and young people to:

• have access to accurate information and quality Reproductive Health services
• plan their families and avoid unintended pregnancies
• ensure safe pregnancy and childbirth
• avoid sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS
• combat violence against women
• benefit from balanced, sustainable social and economic development planning incorporating gender equality.


UNFPA also assists the Government to collect, analyse and use population and health data to better understand demographic and health issues and plan for future needs.


Contact :

UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund

New address:

605 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10158 USA

General Inquiries


Telephone:  +1 (212) 297-5000
Fax: +1 (212) 370-0201



Village Focus International


Village Focus International ( is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, as a charitable organization in Hong Kong, and as a local NGO in Cambodia (and pending registration for our local partner – Our Village Association– in Laos). In 2000, it became the first international organization to be founded in Laos, and began working in Cambodia in 2003. During this period, it worked in almost 200 remote and vulnerable villages and focused on local leadership development in an effort to bring about positive fundamental social change.


Contact :

Lao PDR Office

Phonsavan Tai Village,

Unit 14, 207 Sisattanak District,
Vientiane, Lao P.D.R
Phone: +856-21 312 519
Phone: +856-21 350 740
Fax: + 856-21-315-841