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ttb foundation mainly operates the sustainable CSR program called “fai-fah” which means the power of inspiration with the following descriptions:

fai is the power inherent in every child and community

fah is the power of “giving” by ttb


fai-fah is the sustainable CSR initiated by ttb foundation that aims to motivate youths and communities to create a sustainable society by emphasizing the philosophy of “Make REAL Change”.


fai-fah strategic focus are on the two key pillars which are fai-fah for youth and fai-fah for community. The youth inspiration program is having learning platforms for local youths aged 12-17 at fai-fah centers. These centers encourage youths to spend their free time productively through various creative activities, all free of charge. The community youths will gain not only new skills for themselves, but they also have chances to leverage skills learnt from fai-fah centers to help their families and communities.


The community inspiration program promotes the idea of “giving back to society” by igniting the power of “giving” in ttb employees nationwide. Our volunteers work closely with local communities to make positive and sustainable changes through various Community Improvement Projects.


The charitable project "FAI-FAH" was previously run by TMB Bank Public Company Limited,

as part of their CSR activities, prior to the establishment of the TMB Foundation.

The TMB Foundation has now been renamed the TTB Foundation after the merger of TMB and Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited.


FAI-FAH charitable project was initiated to focus on Thai children and young adult age

between 12-17 years old in the believing that this age group of children has the highest

potential to be developed and to cultivate a culture of learning in order to bring back the

knowledge obtained from the project to improve their communities.


Please download TMB Foundation reports below:




TTB Foundation Annual Report 2022
Annual Report ttbf_2565.pdf
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TTB Foundation Sustainability Report 2022
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TTB Foundation Financial Statement 2022
financial statement ttb foundation.pdf
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TTB Foundation Review 2021
TTB Foundation Review 2021 v.22082022 TH
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