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Sikkha Asia Foundation (‘Sikkha’ means ‘education’ in Sanskrit) supports disadvantaged childrenthrough various educational projects. The foundation has roots in the Japanese community.


Sikkha Asia Foundation operates various educational projects:

- Preschool Development Center Project (Sikkha Asia Kindergarten)

The Center locates in Soi Suan plu communities, South Sathorn Rd. Bangkok, 120 children agebetween 1-6 years whose parents live from hand to mouth are those benefit from the center.

- Community Library Project

The project aims to promote and to cultivate the reading culture among children and youth who live in the nearby slum communities. Sikkha Asia Foundation has established two Community Libraries, one locates in Klongtoey slum community and another in Cheapleng slum community.

-The education quality improvement through Mobile Library activity Project

Sikkha Asia Foundation conducted the project 29 areas in 29 learning centers and 15 schools either slum communities or up countries on regularity basis through the year 2015. There were more 14,000 persons both children and adult participating with the project through the year.

- Educational Scholarship for Disadvantaged children and youth Project

There were totally 410 scholarships which 365 scholarships were sponsored and 24 scholarship granted to university students.

- Baan Santi Student Dormitory Project (Maesot, Tak province)

The dormitory project aims to facilitate poor students who lives in the rural areas, hill tribe studentsand students from minority groups in order to shortage distance between their educational institutesand resident. Presently, there are 32 students under the care of the project.


Please see the Sikkha Asia Foundation Review as PDF file attached below:



Sikkha Asia Foundation Review 2016
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