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Sai Nyai Eco School, Laos

Sustainable Laos Education initiative 

Sai Nyai School, Laos 

Sustainable Laos Education initiatives


Sai Nyai Eco-School is an environmental education project that dedicates to poor youth

from ethnic villages to study a four month program in "Rural Sustainability". The program

combines sustainable agriculture, green business, community leadership, environmental

and social studies, organizational governance, land law, health and appropriate

technology into a unique curriculum. After graduation, its alumni is able to apply for loans

to set up small business in their own communities.


The Sai Nyai Eco School established by Sustainable Laos Education initiative Inc. which is a

Canadian NGOs registered for fundraising and operate environmental education projects

in remote area in Laos. The donation to the Sai Nyai Eco School can process through the

website of Sustainable Laos Education initiative Inc. which is a not-for-profit organization


registered under the Ontario Corporations Act in 2004. Canada.


Giving Back Association is unable to rating on Sai Eco Nyai School, Laos due to our limitation of the rating criteria designed for charitable organization.


Please see our review on the charitable project as file attached below:

Sai Nyai Eco School Laos Review for year 2015
Sai nyai school Review with 2015 detail.
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