Baan Gerda, Children's Right Foundation

Giving Back Association team has delivered new English Language Books which was donated by Books for Thailand Foundation to Children living in Baan Gerda.  This was the first collaboration between Giving Back Association and Books for Thailand Foundation.

Baan Gerda, Lopburi, Children's Right Foundation


Baan Gerda, Lopburi is only one philanthropic project under Children Right Foundation, located in the Lopburi province, that provides both family-style homes and full-fledged medical treatment for children with HIV/AIDS. Today, the facility is home for 68 children.


There is a Baan Gerda documentary movies "Children fighting AIDs" in 2014, the movie has  filmed at Baan Gerda as shown below.  


Please also see GBA's Summary Report of Baan Gerda visit as file attached below :

GBA's Summary Report of Baan Gerda Visit on Saturday 17, October 2015
Summary of GBA team visit.pdf
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